The Wildside Resort is a place not many know about. It's tucked off the main drag, just off the interstate. Once you've visited, you know where it is, and you can get back there. Most people find it completely by accident.

It's best described as a permanent grown-up party palace, a camp-out party for adults that runs 24/7/365. Complete with a tree fort, hot tub, sauna, deck, bar, grill, swimming pool, bungalows, even a small party train that sometimes meanders through the place so you don't have to walk too far to get to your bed.

Izzie is the owner of the place (though she didn't start the fire, she only keeps it burning). She has only a few rules: harm none, no kids, consent is required, no whining, and hate is not welcome.

There are guests and there are Residents, there are no Staff. Despite this, somehow the alcohol stays cold, the wood-fired oven warm, and the place overflows with sexy good fun.

Hammocks sway. The sound of people having a good time keeps time with the cicadas. The music from the jukebox and occasional live bands that play accompanies dancing lovers twirling up on the canopy platform in the moonlight. The river nearby brings sweet breezes through the honeysuckle. In short, the place is a hedonist's delight.

There is, however, a shadowy aspect. Wildside's been threatened in the past, and it might yet again. The place is like a dream and some people have a hard time accepting that. And, sometimes, pleasure makes someone run away from the truth, or pain, and that makes them run right into trouble. Izzy has a big heart, it's true, and has friends of all genders, sizes, shapes, colors, and bloods.
There are those who swear a place like Wildside couldn't exist. That Bear's chili, Zan's margaritas, Dani's hugs, or Von's flair are just too magical for this world.

And they'd be right.

Wildside is an adult modern fantasy Storium game: it's like True Blood if you dialed down the blood, guts, and darkness and dialed up the sexy, fun, and sweet. Although there will be some supernatural characters, for the most part I'd like to see plain ordinary human characters created.

Please note: After this game begins, it will be set private.

It will be for adults only and it will be Not Safe For Work, a rating of NC-17 at the very least.

We will use the X-Card to govern this game. Consent is the major rule here.

We ask that people open a dialogue before retiring characters.

The game will be placed on hold if no player updates for 10 days.

Players that do not do a move once every 10 days without prior arrangement with the Narrator will be involuntarily retired.

Respect between players is of paramount importance.

This is a QUILTBAG friendly game.


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