jGhthr "Vist" Vistalqree

Vist was born out of a mechanical womb, to the specifications of the Genetics Advisor and Head of Astrogation. There were seven others in the crèche, each designed to provide the young spaceborn with the skills to interact with fellow crew, and an understanding of the roles they would play on the ship. Two Engineers, two Command, two Medical, Vist, and the other Astrogator. At the earliest stages there was little to differentiate the children, though perhaps the Engineers were more concerned with building, the Command with bossing the others around.

Throughout childhood Vist learned per role as astrogator through games and schooling. Testing showed that Vist was slightly more capable than the other Astrogator, Skirruqree, and so upon graduation, Vist was assigned to the second astrogator's watch. After several years of consistent and commendable work at per post, Vist was promoted. It surprised Vist's Captain that per requested a transfer to the Magellan Star Kingdom navy. While the spaceborn were nominally part of the Kingdom, their service was not generally required. jGhthr's Captain reluctantly agreed and Vist went through the process of joining as an officer.

There are no standard procedures for a spaceborn who joins the MSKN. As spaceborn are trained in their role, and on ship procedure, almost from birth, Vist was well ahead of every astrogation student, and knew almost as much about each ship in the navy as per instructors. Vist was fast-tracked through training and was assigned to the Dauntless after only 11 months.

Per two years aboard the Dauntless have been relatively quiet. Per appearance and strange customs have led per to have a continually rotating duty roster (few humans enjoy the company of a spaceborn). Vist has made a friend in Elliot Kincaid, an augmented human, who has made an effort to approach Vist.

No one has asked why Vist would leave per own ship and comforts for the life away from per people, to spend it with strange humans. Vist keeps per reason to perself, but when per was only a few cycles old, per had a dream. Vist was drifting through space - alone and naked. Everything was dark, aside from the cold pinpoints of distant stars, but per was not afraid. Per felt comforted by the silence, the emptiness, and it wrapped around per like a blanket. And since that time all Vist wanted was to join a deep space exploration ship in order to find that place again.


Vist is played by teabee.
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