The Eastern Coast of Vinadar

In the Northern climes the weather is surprisingly temperate with a warm winter and a gray, heavy rain-laced summer.

In the Southern climes things turn a bit humid and tropical. The land is very lush and offers a large plant biodiversity.

Settlements / Peoples of the Eastern Coast

Northernmost: The Junaar folk of the Icemounts. Located not far from the Roof of the World.

Greydock is a small fishing village that is relatively new and serves as a port of call for the new town Merrickville.

Nimea is the newly reopened elven city/state with a deep water harbor.

Faengaea is a small territory on a shallow bay called the Bay of the Winds.

The Rukbeo people live a nomadic life moving up and down along the shores of Lake Vahrvae, a large inland freshwater lake that feeds the twisting Ruk river. Their most permanent trading and fishing village is called Balaruk, and is situated to get traffic from both Vahrvae and the Eastern sea.

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