In the beginning, there was the Song of the Stars. Ancient and powerful, it was brought to Cora-Ni when the Elves fell to earth. Ancient elves sang the song of Stars to connect with each other, to remember, to illustrate and deepen the stories of their people.

As the starlight faded from the elven people, however, the song of Stars grew more distant and faded as well. There was a void in the hearts of the elves as they sojourned in their new home. The ancient Elven king Cairnwyr, who loved the bard named Daenira, sought the counsel of the wizard kings for a way to somehow return to his love the light of life.

Spending time with the last of starlight, the wizard called Nalron meditated upon it and was able to pick apart the basic elements, but it was not until Calin-da-shara the Elven received Nalron’s knowledge that the Heartsong was first sung. Sung with the power of elemental water and prime mind blended, the song of the Heart replaced the Star song in the heart of the Elves. Daenira Bard adapted the songs of the elves to the power, and was even able to infuse certain elves with the Starlight, hidden in their souls, to keep that which was left.
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