The Immortal Empire of the Vandikieer is a country on the land called the Swaigekan, on the Western coast of the contient of Vinadar, an area of rolling hills, forests, rivers, and granite outcroppings. Slash and burn agriculture is prevalent, as is farming of herd animals including shaggy sheep, greathorn cows, and salmon.

Famous Cities of the Vandikieer:

"Mer" means a city on the ocean / sea and "Caar" means a city on land with a castle.

Mer Phanavae: the Prince's City Phanavae
Mer Vandavae: the King's City
Mer Calathorn: the Stranger's City
Mer Aracae: City of Mystery
Mer Kindakieer: the City of Knowledge

Caar Carcoskan: the Working City
Caar Odalakae: the Jewel of the Desert
Caar Vasakineer: City of the Heights

Founded by Vaincal Kierna, the First Emperor of Vandikieer.
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