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Vance Haldra

Family Name: Haldra
Family Role in Society: Noble
Primary Wealth: Wheat Fields, Cattle, Horses

Vance came here last year to explore the possibility of acquiring land outside the city to plant wheat. Thus he was participating in the [[LandLottery|Land Lottery]].
While waiting for that to go through he kept busy at the only Gentleman's Club, Maynard's, in town, built out of an old warehouse off of the docks (near Lathenhold). He was coming back from Maynard's when he was killed. The last person who spoke with him was his best friend [[CorazonTamil|Corazon Tamil]].

He was only lightly armed, had no magical gear, and was clearly taken by surprise.

Vince's shade only screamed continuously upon summoning and did not answer any questions.
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