First Things First

1.) I'm only agreeing to a one-shot to start.
2.) I'm a story-oriented GM.
3.) I am more interested in creating a story collaboratively with my players.
4.) I'm using the Vampire: the Masquerade 2nd edition rules because that's what I have. I'd prefer not to get into all the splatbooks of Vampires.

Here are some ideas I have for play:

* Your coterie are all newly created Vampires, the newest fledglings that are the very first Kindred that were allowed to be made in Atlanta for 50 years. The Prince of the City demanded that each Primogen choose an excellent candidate for the Embrace, to add to the strength and ability of the Kindred under his control. There are, however, those who would like to see this grand experiment fail, or be twisted to their own purposes. And there are quite a few mysteries in the background to solve.

* Tremere demon hunters?

* The Matrix meets Vampire?

* The Camarilla needs you to take over a small Southwestern town and keep it against all comers.

* Your ideas here

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