T'yang is a very old country ruled over by a hereditary, immortal Emperor, located on a temperate-to-tropical continent to the south. They represent an ancient civilization that has survived throughout the centuries, with technical and cultural advancements to rival the Lunargenti.

The Emperor has assigned districts to his country, and each District is ruled over by a Governor, each district is broken up into provinces ruled over by Lords. In addition, there are Ministers who handle specific governmental tasks, and who are ruled over by the Prime Minister, and the Chamberlain who interfaces with the Prime Minister. T'yang also has a strong navy and a standing army.

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Hair Colors: Pitch, Dark Brown, Brunette, Auburn

Features: Smooth Skin, Expressive Eyebrows

Eye Colors: Green, Yellow, Brown, Blue

Skin Colors: Golden, Olive, Tan, Sunkissed, Pink, Pallid

T'yangian people tend towards slight forms, short and thin or stocky, barrel-chested medium forms.
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