Sydalians are forest-dwellers, living in a very successful agrarian democracy called Sydalia, their culture emphasizes family, duty, craft, honor, and pride in their work.

Hair Colors: Dark, Brunette, Auburn, Red, Honey Blonde, Blonde, Ice Blonde (White)

Features: Sydalians tend toward wide, large eyes. Their faces are particularly expressive and animated. Few of them grow beards. Many have freckles.

Eye Colors: Dark, Purple, Violet, Green, Yellow, Brown, Blue, Amber

Skin Colors: Ebon, Kafva (Coffee), Tan, Sunkissed, Pink, Pallid

Sydalians are fairly short. Their body types are typically nimble, lithe, wiry, curvy, plush, or plump.

Food: They have the ritual of characarne

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