To Sail Beyond the Stars

Ducatrix Valer Maya came back from the Far Worlds a changed woman: she brought back three large chests of artifacts and a broken and battered body that just barely managed to survive. Her explorations netted her a title, which brought her a family and fortune. Her daughter, Caern grew up in the best life, and since graduating from university she's lived a life of luxury and ease: a dilletante, dissolute, and decadent.

The Premise

All of you know her Ladyship, Caern. She is Elven Nobility from Castrovel.
Lady Caern is not a high and mighty person; she has always used her inherited wealth to increase her enjoyment of life, and of those around her. She has, however a shrewd capacity to perceive character, and surrounds herself with interesting people, not fawning sycophants. She refuses to allow people to kowtow to her, and very rarely invokes her noble privilege with personal friends.

Caern is, however, a dilettante. She commits herself to a course of study, learning a new language, or travel to an exotic location and things go well for a few months, then she's on to the next thing. For this reason she is seen as a spendthrift and a wastrel.

Time has come for Caern to take her place in the government of her mother, the Ducatrix, or for her to make something of herself. She has decided to return to the stars, from which her mother derived her title, and try her hand at the exploration of the stars. To help her, she has a large case full of ancient artifacts her mother brought back from the Outer Worlds.

Taking a suite of rooms on Absalom Station, Lady Caern has gathered all the PCs together to get their help in exploring and charting the way for her success.


Everybody needs to have some kind of tie to Lady Caern. Here are the various kinds of ties:

Characters So Far

An Android Technomancer Xenoseeker played by LaTroma (Tess)
A Lashaunta Envoy Scholar played by LilFae (Reielu)
An Android Operative Mercenary played by Psyche (Chastity)
A Human Mystic Xenodruid Spacefarer played by PsychoEmperor (Zan)
A Kasathan Soldier Mercenary by MisterBossFight (Dismon)
A Guest Star to be named Later by Izzy
A Shirren Solarian by Infinity (Carl)
A Ysoki Hacker by GypsyGeek (Beck)

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