The Spindrift Isles

A very fertile and lush chain of islands in the Yarian Sea. Sailing near them is fairly dangerous, and as a result usually only small merchant ships can make landfall near one. Natives on these islands have learned how to maximize their life survival based on the special features of each island. Each island produces precious cargo: exotic fruit, oils, spices, shells, pearls, silk, herbs and mushrooms. There is no central government but the various islands keep in touch and will band together to fight off other threats.

One important export from the Spindrift Isle of Nalanei is the Kafva tree, which provides Kafva pods full of beans. These beans are used to brew the Kafva drink, which is extremely popular.

Other Islands of Note:

The Pirate Kingdom of Coulan Tajarr
Wyrmarc Island (somewhere)
Meridae Island
Tunguska Island (elven and half-elven colony of Lunargen)
Vargra Island (home of Vargrian cigars)

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