Hair Colors: Dark, Blonde, Ice Blonde (White)

Features: Expressive Eyebrows, Facial Tattoos, Freckles, Squint-wrinkles. Majestic noses. Some have slightly pointed ears.

Eye Colors: Purple, Violet, Green, Yellow, Brown, Blue

Skin Colors: Ebon, Mahogany, Kafva (Coffee), Tan, Sunkissed, Golden, Olive

Spindrift Islanders tend towards tall, but they have many wiry and some stocky folks.

The Spindrift Isles exist midway across the Sea of Storms between the continent of Cora-Ni and the wide, tropical to temperate zone continent Vargrahan. As a result, peoples from both continents have settled in this wide spattered archipelago which stretches to the Winter Sea to the South and the Trade Flow to the North.
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