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======Sam Chupp======
A writer, game designer, roleplayer, podcaster, and father, Sam is an Origins Award winner.
His second novel, Heart of the Hunter, was released under a Creative Commons license in audio form.
He's currently working on a game book called PsiKids.

Sam Chupp got his start designing games with White Wolf Game Studio and was a principal designer on Changeling: The Dreaming and Wraith: The Oblivion. He was White Wolf's first Internet Rep.

His novel, Sins of the Fathers, was published by HarperPrism in September of 1995.
He wrote the "Bone Gnawers Tribebook" and "The Book of Nod" (with Andrew Greenberg). His writing has been included in over 40 role-playing gamebooks published by White Wolf, Holistic Design, and Steve Jackson Games.

In his spare time, Sam has designed, written, organized, and conducted many stand-alone LARP games in the States, Canada, and even one in Ireland, with a total of 300+ characters.
He ran a very special children's fantasy LARP for Dragon*Con 1999 called "Six Stones."

On a personal note, Sam is an Unitarian Universalist Pagan who lives in Atlanta.
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