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====The Royal Duchy of Lunargen====
The Royal Duchy is a bounded area of land placed in the center of the three other Ducal lands in Lunargen, [[Northmarch]], [[Duchy East|Eastward]] and [[DuchySouth|Southgroves]].
By tradition, the royal heir to the throne is called Duke or Duchess of Lunargen. This ducal seat went unfilled during the [[GreatInterregnum|Interregnum]]. This Duchy is called upon to supply only 20% of the military strength of Lunargen, but it does supply some of the most valuable parts as it is where the main military commanders are housed and [[HeraldsHall|Herald's Hall]]. It contains two Counties and 12 Baronies, including the Barony of [[Rosewood]], [[Marshwood]], and [[HartsRest|Hart's Rest]].

The largest city in [[Lunargen]], called [[LunargenPort|Lunargen Port]], exists here.

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