The followers of Petrar are not technically religious at all. While they will admit that gods appear to provide miraculous works of magic, they are skeptical that they are truly beings worthy of worship.
Petrar was an ancient scribe who wrote down his reasoning and created a process called The Petrarian Canto. It is a method of questioning, observing, testing, recording, and re-questioning much like the scientific method. Alchemists, wizards, scholars, and others who focus on knowledge over faith frequently follow Petrar even if they sometimes do not realize it.

The benefits of following the teachings of Petrar are esoteric, but some believe the mental practices make them more intelligent and give them greater resistance to the power of mind magic and other illusions.
Petrarians will often meet for salons and symposia. They are not very forthcoming about their beliefs in general, believing that it is probably safer to keep their affiliation with Petrar silent. There have been some persecutive actions taken toward the followers from time to time.

Some Petrarians wear a ring or a necklace with a granite stone, symbolizing the unyielding nature of reality.
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