The Orb of the Tailor is something you may use to create clothing.

Depending on what type of Orb it is, the clothing is either permanent or temporary.

How well the clothes match your imagination is below:

1d20 + Charisma or Wisdom, whichever is higher, + Use Magic Device OR Craft (Sewing)


1: The clothes do not remain together, and are basically rags.
2-10: As long as you don't get fancy, the clothes cover the body. They may not keep you warm or cool as you wish.
11-15: Once again, don't get fancy: the color is blah, but it will be warm when you mean it to be warm, ro cool when you mean it to be cool.
16-20: It's serviceable with a few frills. two or maybe three drab colors.
21-23: It's pretty and well-made, fits you well. two or maybe three interesting colors
24-28: It's gorgeous and innovative, full of beautiful color
29+: It's creative and amazing and beautiful, a work of art.

Orbs tend to have a "memory" and will frequently struggle to get out of certain stylistic "ruts." If you are going with type on the get +2 if you are going against type you get -2.

A talented wizard may be able to "reset" the orb for you, but then it will have to learn how you like things done.

In some countries, Orbs of the Tailor are considered illegal due to Tailor's Guild protectionism.
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