Northmarch is a Duchy in Lunargen which covers a large section of the north of the country, including Borderwoods and Seawards areas. During the GreatInterregnum it was ruled over by Duke Valorn, the "Holy Duke."

This Duchy contains 21 Counties and 66 Baronial fiefs. In times of war it is called upon to produce 70% of the military strength of Lunargen.

Northmarch is the home to several strongholds of the Lothasian Church, a large portion of the country's fruit and nut groves, excellent hunting and trapping, and sea-borne trade. To the East the Duchy borders Amishkan lands, particularly the city of Palimyra.

Northmarch Duchy meets the Royal Duchy of Lunargen and the Duchy of the East, but does not touch the Southgrove Duchy.

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