Nimea refers to a city-state by the sea on the continent of Vinadar. It exists on the utter Eastern seaboard, nestled in a protective caldron-style mountainous ridge, protected on three sides from attack, wind, and bad weather.

The land was discovered by the Prydain voyagers, who split off from those of Navarre.

The traditional reasons given for this seperation are:

The scions of the original 13 Houses of Lirien arrived and for years Prydain plied the route back and forth from Lirien to Nimea, picking up those who were interested in emigrating to the new country.
On the 7th year after the founding of Nimea, the Ard-Ri of Lirien King Cairnwyr granted the city-state its sovereignity, fulfilling a pact that was made when the first scions left. Until that time they were ruled by a Lirien Viceroy by the name of Veltara Aoibhell.

The main problem in early Nimea was that nearly everybody was of some kind of Noble blood, and the Nobles had to learn to survive in a place that was not as well manicured and curated as the home of their fathers and mothers.

The first Nimean King was Jacara Aoibhell, son of Veltara. Jacara ruled for over a Golden age. The Court of All Bards was born. The Nimean Circle House, which would later become known as the Circulum, was founded, providing a more egalitarian means of ruling the city-state. Furthermore, the master artificers of House Goibne had begun reviving artificery from the time of the First Ones, bringing to light the Nexus, which was designed to assist the rulers of Nimea with their daily tasks, helping to keep the peace, and providing a clean and protected environment for the children of Nimea.

Current Day

The current Monarch of Nimea is Her Royal Highness Princess Argen Ni Lomelinde, daughter of Duchess Eastwatch, Tarafear Lomelinde. Since she is under age, her throne is being ruled in Regency by Count Auberge Nightward, though he has deputized his brother Lavendar Nightward while the Count handles political issues and issues of governance from Lunargen and the circulum there.

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