Meridae is an island in the Great Sea, located in the vast "Y" shape made by two currents that split: the Mother Loma current became the Spindrift Flow and the Northward Keen.

There is no gender among the Meridae. All the People are the same. All People give to the tribe.

Meridae are birthed out of the Cauldrons, which are magical vessels that give them life. There are two Mothers for each Meridae: the Heart-Mother who supplies love and nurturing and the Blood-Mother who supplies teaching and discipline. Each of these Mothers must be present for the forging of a new soul, and each will help raise the child once it emerges from the cauldron.

Life in Meridae
There are Inner and Outer Calyx of Eldara and a single Lyra Eldara to be the leader of them all: 13 all told.

There is a complex societal method for each Meridae choosing their own path, as individual choice is highly prized. The young ones are evaluated and offered chances to prove themselves. Each choice the young ones make take them along a pathway in the great spiraling pattern inside the Temple of the Choosing.

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