The Nimean Land Lottery

In order to promote fair and sensible colonization of the Nimean lands, the Crown has instituted the practice of Land Lottery. In order to be granted a chance to possibly win the right to purchase some land, you must pay the Lot Drawing fee (1000 gold crowns) and have a Letter of Credit on file to cover any land purchase. These chances are activated in order according to the number on their draught.

The Land Reckoning Map

The Land Reckoning Map is a big map in the Palace which has been copied again and again by artists seeking to sell the map to prospective land owners. It shows a series of boundaries for land plots, each slightly different but all holding similar characteristics. This is the map from which a prospective owner will have to choose their plot. Plots may be contested by those whose number has already been activated, to the point where a bidding war can ensue. If both parties reach the limit of participation, the Land Judge will typically order a 14 day cooling-off period, which allows other opportunities to become available for those parties. Some who vy for such a plot will be encouraged to pick a different one.

The plots are all located outside of the walls of Nimea, in potentially very fertile or prosperous ground that is still within the boundaries of the former Nimean protectors.

The Ban
It is forbidden for anyone who buys land in this way to sell their land for 25 years.

The Maximum Cost
It is the Crown's intention that the prices of these land plots remain within the realm of potentially being purchased by ordinary citizens. As a result, there is a price maximum on any one plot of land.

Participants versus Plots of Land
There are currently 16 participants who have drawn Land Lottery tiles. The Land Judge decides when to call the next number, and he does not seem to do it based on any kind of specific pattern of behavior. Thus, all those who hold tiles must be present each day at 8 bells past midnight to hear the number called, if it is called. If that person is not there at that time, the number goes forward.

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