Khandaria is a country that features tropical zone rainforests in the north, bands of rolling steppes in the central area, tapering to grassy savannahs that end in cold and snowy mountains as they lead to the frosty climes of Frigia.

There are six heritages of the Khandarians:

Simba-khani are Lion People
Ngeye-khani are Bird Folk
Vishi-khani are Panther Folk (distantly related to the Katzen)
Efana-khani are Elephant Folk
Mambu-khani are Crocodile Folk
Pana-khani are the Manyfolk, representing all the rest of those who live in Khandar.


"Perhaps in T'yang? The Khandars rarely leave their homeland since they were defeated by the Emperor's armies centuries ago. Now there is peace between the two countries, and Khandars enjoy dual citizenship in their own country and in the Emperor's land. There are six heritages among them. The only Khandars we ever see here in Jasquon are a performing troupe of acrobats who come through from time to time - they are called the Vashini Lions. Oh! And there is old Garond Pashiki, who was a mercenary but has retired since then and is living on his considerable winnings as a privateer.
She smiled and handed it back to her. "You must've travelled far to have such a thing."
"I worked as a clockmaker to the third cousin of the Emperor and that is how I am familiar with T'yang."
Andraste — Yesterday at 11:23 PM
smiles at her, " that had to be interesting..... I love travel though I have to admit I enjoy home more and more" Andraste question" you say there is a there is one who has retired Garond Pashiki who lives in Jasquon?
GwydionFireheart — Yesterday at 11:24 PM
[[Andraste then realized that the stories that she had found in the Owlery must have been stories from Khandar: Genii Visha and the Five Sisters. Cadal Mar and the Perfectly Azure Coat. Those were women....using a woman's weapon."
Andraste — Yesterday at 11:25 PM
chuckles.. " as much as I want to learn I dont think I have the calendar space to travel there to learn right now....." she takes the blade back up and caresses its surface....a thought ful look crosses her face.. " this blade is made more for women to use then men?
Andraste adds " I was just making a connection....... based on what you said.. to some books I have read....
GwydionFireheart — Yesterday at 11:30 PM
"It's not really a blade is it? More like a circle, a disk. But yes, it's primarily used by the moon priestesses of Khandar. Maybe some families there would teach it, mothers to daughters, or even aunts to daughters as a person's aunt is the goddess-parent there. It does take years to learn to use all the features of the weapon....and that's before you get into magical versions of them, from what I remember reading. Sorry, I read a lot more than I travel. There are some Khandarian adventure poems you may want to look up. Genii Visha and the Five Sisters, who fought the aged and maddened swamp serpent. Genii Visha Visits the Moon. Genii Visha and Little Genii fight the Mad Bull of Lightning."
She smiled at her.
"There is a fellow in Blacpool....Sweet Jasmine.....named Victor Victorious. He is co-owner of a shop called Brandishment and Debauchery. He is a master at arms and has learned every form of throwing weapon ever developed, even the iron lizards of Carcashka who are actually alive and venomous, and must be kept alive before you throw them."
"It's possible he might have some idea as to how to throw the chakram and use it properly....but he won't ever know as much as the moon priestesses do. They are the true experts."
Andraste — Yesterday at 11:36 PM
listens and nods her head ... " I have the Geni Visha and the Five Sisters.. that is what made me put two and two together.... "
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