The Katzen are a race of cat people.

D&D Character Generation

+2 Dexterity, +2 Wisdom, -2 Constitution, -2 Charisma

Size: Medium

Humanoid (Katzen)

Base Land Speed is 40 feet

Low-Light Vision, Excellent Olfactory, Excellent Hearing (+4 Survival for Tracking purposes, +4 Spot, +4 Search, +4 Sense Motive, +4 Listen, +2 Balance, +2 Tumble, +2 Escape Artist)

Weapon Proficiency: Simple Weapons, Kirkirri (bladed chakram), Kirrkula (hunting bola), Claws

Natural Weaponry: Claws (+4) 1d6/1d6. If specialized in Claws (Fighter): 1d6/1d6/1d6/1d6. Bite: (+4) 1d8

Automatic Languages: Sh’shraal (Katzen), Trade (Common)
Bonus Languages: Halfling, Elven, Human: Valisti, Human: Amishkan

Species Specific Attraction: Katzen gain a +2 Charisma bonus in all interactions with Katzen and anyone who finds Katzen appealing.

Favored Class: Rogue

Level Adjustment +0



Katzen are short lived:

Infancy / Childhood: 1-12
Young Adult: 13-20
Adult: 20-29
Elder: 30-45
Ancient: 46-60


Katzen are matrilineal and matrifocal. Fertility is a major aspect of the culture. Kits of the caul are owned by the caul and fatherhood does not exist.

The important aspects of culture among the Katzen are:

* Fertility including sexuality, ability to engender and carry kits to term
* Cleverness which also includes stealth and luck
* Mystery which includes secrets and magical knowledge
* Bravery which includes acts of self-sacrifice and disregard for danger

The caul matriarchy rewards certain Katzen with "marks" which recognize an indvidual's prowess in any of these three areas. The more "marks' a person has, the higher their reputation in the caul.

There are four leaders in each localized caul:
Shereen (Queen) (Fertility)
Shadow (Cleverness)
Shaman (Mystery)
Shereef (Bravery)

Ancient Cauls are based out of a hunting territory. More modern cauls are based inside of a city. Usually there is only one caul per area, though sometimes immature females will try and create a new breeding group and will start a new one in the same area. Inevitably this leads to conflict.

Code of Conduct

Everything is broken down into two seperate groups:

Ahcaal and Hishcaal

Ahcaal are "people" - they are to be respected, promises maintained, oaths accepted, peace sought, with personal property rights and territory. It is forbidden to kill ahcaal. You can fight, even leave permanent marks, but you may not kill them. If you do, you must submit yourself to the caul for judgement. Katzen lives matter especially.

Hishcaal are not people. There are no compunctions about kiling them, stealing from them, tricking them. You can have sex with them, but you can't mate with them.

Most Katzen mercenaries will afford their comrades ahcaal status as a matter of course although this could change if they are mistreated.

Because of this, Katzen are considered a "nuisance species" and are frequently targeted by city watch for special consideration. A farmer will encourage any wandering band of Katzen to keep going. It is also why most Gypsy caravans will always shelter a Katzen on the road.

Colors of Katzen
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