It's a Living, Not Dying

You play freelance members of the Mercenary's Guild in the medieval / renaissance fantasy city of Blacpool. You are unattached to any one company. You are permitted to take jobs as you wish. The Job Board is a big peg board which has multiple tiles on it. The tiles all correspond to a specific task / job. The mercenary completes the task, gets paid, and goes on to the next job.

Easy right?

Unfortunately, it's not always that simple, especially in Blacpool which is a melting pot of all cultures. It's always interesting what is going on beneath the streets, in the shadows, on the rooftops. Still, an adventurer worth their salt can make their fortune and retire to the country, as long as they don't die. It's a living!

Characters Are Here

Magpie's Mounted Rules

Game log for It's A Living Not Dying

Orb Learning Process

The Story So Far

First, decide your character's origin

This includes your nationality, birth order, whether or not you know your parents and family, whether or not you grew up in poverty, affluence, or merely decent survival.


The City of Jasquon is a center of trade and travel, making it just as likely you'll see someone who was born locally as you will see those born far away. Nationality matters only to a select, prejudiced few, though some aspects do attach to kin from a specific country. Erendani, for example, are thought of as excellent crafters. Corenth and Lunargenti form the majority of folk, followed by Sydalian and Yarian, with Erendani and Amishkan coming up nearly last, finally you very rarely see folk from the Spindrift Isles or T'yang.

Jasquonian - Elves
Corenthi - Elves
Lunargenti - Elves
Erendani - Dwarves
Sydalian - Halflings
Yarian - Humans
Amishkan - Humans
Spindrift Islander - Humans
T'yangian - Humans

Vitaen - Vitaen

Choose a Subplot to guide your character's path:

Fortune and Glory
To Serve the Balance
Only Justice Will Conquer
Revelation is Never Done
The Winner Takes All
The Song of the Heart
The Knowing of Steel
An Oath is Forever
I Am The Hand of the Divine


Jasquonian (Other, not specified)
The Church of Lothas
The Cult of Alor
The Way of the Prophet
The Temple of Orielle
Follower Of The Luck
Petrarian (Atheist / Agnostic)

Map of the City is here

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