Characters in For Honor Among the Stars

Commander AdelaideFarbright, the Executive Officer, played by RoseDaughter,
Captain (Colonel on board Dauntless) RogerBruckman, the Colonel of Marines played by Xavier
Midshipman CarolynBlackwood, Tactical, played by DuckFiction
Lt. Commander ElliottKincaid played by Lasercat, ESA Officer
Lt. Commander KateSkyler, Ship's Surgeon and Chief Medical Officer, played by Narrator
Lt. jGhthr "Vist" Vistalqree, Astrogation, played by teabee
Lt. Commander Prior Haale Puleitu, Chief Engineer, played by Barsinister
Midshipman SatoshiValois, Comms, played by Narrator


Admiral Terrance Cassaway (Capital Ships in Home Fleet) - Friend of RogerBruckman
Admiral Quintus James Fitzwallace Anderson Skyler (Home Fleet: Magellan Prime Flight & Magellan Beta Flight, commanding)
Ensign Patricia Wheatley (Tricia to her friends)
Lorne Calahne
Ensign Per Desteen
Lieutenant Steward Pierre Bertrand Roissy
2nd Lieutenant Jaimsah Hicks
Assistant Engineer Lieutenant Cory Drayson
Cook's Assistant Coronado Thermule
Dr. Lieutenant Windsor Gates
ESA Specialist Petty Officer First Class Andrea Wakeman
Engineering Specialist Petty Officer Third Class Per Baan
Tech Specialist Petty Officer Third Class Jarmaine

Captain Dougal McCaul of the Wicklow's Darling
First Officer Sallan Doirnin, second in command of the Wicklow's Darling (

Sergeant Hennison

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