General Gaming Policies

Here is a list of general policies for the games I run.


We do not allow third party observers who are not playing. You cannot "sit in just to see how we play." People find it hard enough to roleplay within a circle of trusted friends; it is nearly impossible in front a non-participatory stranger.

Rules Lawyering / DM versus Player

We do not do rules lawyering nor do we do a D&D game where the DM is against the players. The purpose is to collaborate and have fun, not vie for control over a fantasy story.


My games are inclusive. That means you will be welcomed and supported no matter how you come to us.


We do not tolerate sexual, verbal, or physical harassment of any kind. Do not threaten.

Real world politics have no place in the game, keep them to side conversations in private or if you want to schedule a debate some other time you are welcome.

If you need education about gender, feminism, or other topics please seek that education elsewhere. Our purpose is to play games.


Consent is important.

We have a virtual X-Card. Basically, if a story goes to a place you cannot tolerate, you can type "X-Card" in chat and we will stop the game immediately and take a time-out.

Character Creation

Vampire Character Generation Here
Character creation has to be driven by the player. If you wish to create a new character, it is expected that you will provide the impetus to move forward with the creation process.

Potential players are given access to the preview Discord server. This is the server that will be used to discuss your character.

When you have a completed character, you will be given access to the game server(s).

Three ways to get a character created:

You must have a character created 2 hours before the game is to start: 6 PM EST for Thursday night games and 11:00 AM on Sunday day games. Otherwise you will have to wait until the next game time.

Loot Management

Please see this page on Loot Management
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