For Honor Among the Stars

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You are a sailor aboard the Royal Magellan Starship Dauntless, a Dragon-class Frigate of Her Majesty's fleet in the Magellan Star KingdomNavy
One step up from a Light Attack Cruiser, the frigate is the workhorse of the Fleet with missions such as search-and-rescue, shipping patrol, anti-piracy, mine-clearing, diplomatic and exploration support as well as a major wartime role filling in the mission profiles between the smaller Cruiser classes and the bigger Destroyer classes.
The ship has been assigned to Spacedock command for the past month and soon will embark on its 42nd mission voyage, a peacetime tour taking the great circle route from the Magellan Star Kingdom through Guaranmi, Ezekiel, Kermorvan, and Confab space.
Scuttlebutt says this will be Captain LaCrosse's last tour of duty, though the Old Man always holds his cards close to his chest and plays poker with an unreadable face.
It is whispered that Queen Veronica Pascal I herself will attend Captain LaCrosse's retirement ceremony. The Kingdom is grateful for his years of service and his ship's many "Queen's Thanks" commendations are proof of that.
Do you have what it takes to join with such a prestigious vessel as it sails into the unknown, in harm's way?

This game is supposed to mirror a Horatio Hornblower / Honor Harrington / Ishmael Hwang sort of vibe, a tail of sailing space full of adventure, inter-personal conflict and upwardly mobile character arcs.
Choose the Nature card based on your origin and your Strength based on your position. Make sure you also include your rank in your description.

You may choose from the following (in order of rank)

  1. Ensign
  1. Midshipman
  1. Lieutenant
  1. Lieutenant Commander
  1. Commander



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The RMS Dauntless, Dragon Class, Registry DRA-1014, Labrys Ironworks Shipyard

Limits of the Setting, see also Communications

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Fraternization Rules :)

Cabo Station

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