The Story So Far

Count Auberge Nightward, of the ancient line of D◌̂n, undertook to travel to the ancient city of Lirien Navarre, hiring Kylanna, Faunalyn among others to guard him and assist him as he travelled. Before they were even able to leave the town, they had to contend with a person named Blackwood who had stolen Auberge's map and made a copy of it. They made a fake copy of it and stealthily replaced it, stealing the real thing. Then they left town.

They were attacked not far out of Blacpool proper by a group of bandits who got their come-uppance, and were able to pull some treasure out of the bandit's cache.

The company came upon a Gnaeltongue outpost called Gnaeltowne, and stayed the night at the Busy Bee Inn, where they assisted Gypsy travellers with a terrible disease upon one of their elders. In gratitude, the elders offered to assist their travel but that was turned down. They left the next day, leaving behind some of their number, to head further along the River Road where they were attacked by too many goblins to count. Auberge, in a measure meant to save the party, did a Word of Recall that took him to his Goddess' nearest altar, which happened to be the stronghold of a priest who particularly disliked him, a man named Father Cumber.

Cumber was the regent of Barony Grayfile as well as the master of Forgelight Chapel. He instantly arrested Auberge: saying that his Justice sense detected that Auberge had stolen the map he was using to get to Lirien-Navarre. His mercenaries left to their own devices, they set about trying to help him.

Kylanna and Coriander discovered a Faerie Trod, an antechamber to the Summerlands, where a Faerie Knight named Vanoin held court. He reckoned Kylanna distant kin and offered to help her. A wordless, smiling sylph of a girl came to her later bearing a Cremave (clearing-stone) to use in the trial. Local Forgelight savants wandered the countryside looking for the Trod, but was unable to find it.

Auberge stood trial which turned into a surprise attack after he proved that the map was his legacy. A Justicar of the church cleared Auberge's name, but warned him against the path he was treading.

They left Forgelight and travelled through the lands of the Caldwells, coming into conflict with a hunting party who was clearly over-hunting the forests and surrounds. A young boy revealed himself to have some kind of small talent with animals, and was able to hide the remaining prey animals in the forest to keep them safe. They captured the bard who was enchanting the court of the noble who was over-hunting the area, and brought him to justice, bringing him to Count Lastholt for judgement. A three-person council of Bards was convened after a few days and the bard in question had his talent ripped from him.

Torgin, Terrial, and Alymorn were hired along into the party after several others departed, and assisted with the apprehension of the bard.

Consulting an ancient spirit attached to an ancient tree, the spirit of the druid-wizard Helios, Auberge learned that he needed to find a different way into Lirien-Navarre than simply walking to the gates. He discovered that there was a special magical place called the Augur of Thiemele, not far from Lastholt. Indeed, it was under the lake and Kylanna and Torgin found the place. They discovered that another adventurer or adventurers had already been exploring the complex in which was the Augur, but they had clearly not succeeded in their quest, where Auberge was able to. Communing with the Augur of Thiemele, he was able to discover there were three Havens that might have some means by which he could use to enter the city of Lirien-Navarre.

These havens were the Life Haven, the Shield Haven, and the Heart Haven. They located the three havens on a map and then set off to the closest one, the Life Haven.

When arriving near the Life Haven area, they encountered a tribe of Wolfen who were attached to the land by ancient oath. In order to prove their worth to these native Wolfen, they had to persuade a Wyvvern to leave. They killed a female Wyvvern and the male was driven off to the South. In gratitude the shaman of the Wolfen showed them the holy caern where the Ancient Ones supposedly lived. They had to make a leap of faith into a deep well, and the Ancient Ones met them.

Taking them in, healing them, and learning about them, they thoroughly scanned and read all of the adventurers. They set the adventurers to a trial, trying to give them a chance to prove their worthiness to reach Lirien Navarre.

The company were given a set of keys and amulets to assist them in their quest, and they began exploring Life Haven. There was a Rain Forest area, an Arctic area, a Desert area, and an Oceanic area. They discovered the means to shut down the Iron Masters, saving a lot of stasi-frozen ancient Elven babies in the process. They helped the Purple People, a group of sentient fungi, understand their relation to their Green People counterparts. They took a ride on long-striders. They visited with the mer-folk. They fought a Porcupotamus. They took a ride in a Lacuna Whale. They met a tribe of Phodar, in particular Cirroco the leader and Skirl her daughter. Skirl demonstrated a flair for druidism, so she was taken with them.

They also met Eliri, a Sydalian courier who had stumbled into a magical trap that put her in Life Haven. She had become friends with the Purple People and once she helped them feel more secure, she felt free enough to leave on the quest with the party, and Auberge offered a job with the party.

Calling for judgement from the Ancient Ones, the group was given a green triangle pendant and told that the Ancients were pleased with them. Auberge put this around his neck, and they were shown to a portal to Caramandos, the Shield Haven.

Exploring the Shield Haven they realized that three mercenary companies had already discovered it: The Ghost Hawks, The Red Claws, and the Black Knives. It is not known how they knew where Shield Haven was, or what happened to them, but obviously many of them were defeated and were rapidly decomposing into black sand. Exploration continues: they found an Armory full of weapons and a strange oil bath that seemed to make Torgin more strong. They found a refectory with rations made of sludgey oatmeal stuff and casks of ancient mead, and an atrium full of trees that were both wizardly and druidic.

And that's the story so far!

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