Game Log for Fireheart Game

Got a job with Auberge Nightward to go to the Ice Wastes, a place called Lirien by the Elves and Navarr by the Dwarves.
Prior to this, a Baron by the name of Brannen Blackwoodstole Auberge's map to Liriena and copied it magically. The copy was stolen back and by Ariana Silverleaf, Auberge's niece and the party, and an incorrect copy put in place.

(Other Stuff Happened before this, we'll go into it later)

The team departed Blacpool and were nearly ambushed by bandits and also nearly hijacked by Gnaeltongues.

There was a cache found near the hijack site and it is here: Hijack Loot

Tethysial - Life haven -
Baratheal - Heart haven - Healing, archives, memories, motes
Caramandos - Shield haven - Warriorkind?
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