Incidental Heroes Characters

Kylanna, a fae-blooded Druid, rider of Dove the Gryphon
Alymorn, a Psionic warrior with a greatsword
Eliri, a Katzen (cat-person) scout (used to be a halfling) (rogue) who was affected with a curse magic that changed her partially into a cat and then a Heartsinger changed her the rest of the way to Katzen.
Zhara, a dwarven sorceress with a kitty named Doom Kitty Meow Meow
Beatrice, a Sydalian cleric of Orielle
Andraste, a blood hunter of Maridae
Eclypsia, a barbarian mote-dancer


Holder, a dwarven ranger with a mountain lion named Chloe tattooed into his chest, rider of Flame the Gryphon
Psyche Goldenfall, Sorceress from Jasquon
Alterion, a warrior from Whitehold
Rynn Barley from Whitehold (a rogue)
Zach playing Altair, Desert nomad with a cool longsword
Sunny playing Faunalyn Windmyst, Cleric of Orielle (House Verbena)
Allie, Coriander the Bard Possible Harp
Jenna, A wizard
Vargon Leafbow, a ranger from Lunargen, grandson of the famous ranger Vargris Leafbow
Torgin Ironheart
Felice, a priestess follower of the Luck
Delia, an Undead Expert

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