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====Incidental Heroes====
[[FireheartGameCharacters|Incidental Heroes Characters]]
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[[FireheartStarsAndWishes|Fireheart Stars and Wishes]]

[[FireheartStorySoFar|The Story So Far]]




[[TheNorthstarCase|The Northstar Case]]

===First, decide your character's origin===

This includes your nationality, birth order, whether or not you know your parents and family, whether or not you grew up in poverty, affluence, or merely decent survival.


The City of Blacpool is a major trade center, a huge melting pot, the "New York City" of Cora-Ni. As a result, all of the world's nations and cultures are represented in various parts of the city.

[[SpindriftIslander|Spindrift Islander]]
[[AluuniTribes|Aluuni Tribes]]

Choose a Religion - If you do not wish to make a choice, choose Blacpoolian, which is just exactly that.

[[Blacpoolian]] (Other, not specified)
[[TheChurchOfLothas|The Church of Lothas]]
[[TheCultofAlor|The Cult of Alor]]
[[TheWayOfTheProphet|The Way of the Prophet]]
[[TheTempleofOrielle|The Temple of Orielle]]
[[Lucksworn|Follower Of The Luck]]
[[Petrarian|Petrarian]] (Atheist / Agnostic)
[[Animism]] Animism - Spirit or Ancestor Worship / Reverence

Read about the [[MercenarysGuild|Mercenaries' Guild]]
Read about [[Blacpool]] here

[[FireheartGameCharacters|Fireheart Game Characters]]
[[FireheartGameLog|Fireheart Game Log]]

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