Olias Pharrel is a half-Elven bard who retired from adventures to run a city block, in which was an inn with attached pub, a small brewery, a concert venue, a boarding house for itinerant and out of work musicians, a luthier workshop, a beautiful garden and a music conservatory.

Today's the day, however, that he is to be buried. A summons came from all across the realm, his old friends and companions were brought together for one last performance: the reading of his last will and testament. His death was unexpected. His Dwarven Man of Business, Oskar Brownstone, is seeing to his last wishes.

For a man who was destined to live perhaps another hundred years or so, this was a tragedy. His city property will devolve to his young love, Micheline, a lovely Elf who is heartstruck in the midst of this tragedy, but what of his adventuring gear? What of his artifacts? What of the secrets that he may or may not have carried into his grave? The only way to find out is to get to the inquest in time, and to listen to what Oskar has to say.

Session 1:

The PCs came to Olias' school and attended the memorial service - Lahn reacted amazed at the presence of another Elf, Micheline. The group was given four items: a sword of the Wise-wards, (Olias' father), a veil with mystic embroidery, a silver mirror, and a strange orichalcum lantern. They met with the widow, Micheline, and she fell under the influence of the Stone of Memory, a gift given to her. The spirit of Olias told them to "find the map to the Crystal Caverns, and to a place called Hearthome" - the song woven into the veil and the sword is the key.

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