Duke Valorn of Northmarch, called "The Holy Duke"
The Duchy of Northmarch includes the Borderwoods and the Seawards. It's traditionally a very religious stronghold in the Church of Lothas as well, as two of the three great Orders of the Church, the Order of the Sword and the Order of the Light of Knowledge, is housed in this duchy. The Order of the Shield is located in the Royal Duchy of Lunargen as is the Great Cathedral of Lothas.

Duke Valorn's Uncle was Patriarch Longren, the Highest of the High in the Church during the Great Interregnum. Since most of his troop also served double duty as The Church Knights of Lothas, history has dubbed him the "Holy Duke."

Although he did not have a specific religious vocation himself, his brother and one of his sons eventually became Priests, and he was known to fund the creation of a lot of shrines, churches, chapels, and temples.
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