There are Dragons in the Magical Country, but not as many as you might think, and not in the same role as they serve in most fantasy fiction. Dragons are not demons; they are people. They are extremely long lived. In general they are all born and grow up in Graal's Deep, their own Dragon Country.

In the Ancient Times, dragons were hunted mercilessly by Firewherian Servitors for the magical parts of their bodies. In fact, the Firewherians used Dragon adornment on their clothes, Dragon pieces as jewelry and so on. In order to band together and protect themselves, the Dragons created with their own magic a place which could be easily defended: Graal's Deep. Graal then used his own magic to create a protection called "The Blessing of the First Shell" which later became known as "The Blessing of Graal."

At one time a dragon's color dictated what breath weapon they have. However since the dragons that existed at the time, a bare 4000, were genetically diverse enough to establish stable breeding lines, breath weapon is no longer a function of scale color. In fact there are scale colors that have never been seen before. As a result, scale color is not seen as an important diversity marker, but sometimes Breath Weapons are. The Blessing's effect may also lead to individuals with certain personalities or proclivities having a breath weapon that matches their personality.

Dragon Society is collegial and polite due to the Blessing by and large. Young ones are raised in cohort creches because they are all usually permitted at the same time. Dragons go through a great deal of schooling and love of knowledge is encouraged. As soon as Dragon Children can shapechange, they may visit the two-leg scale areas and read mortal books. Dragonkind are incredible craftspersons but they do not often sell or release their crafts to the outside world. Because of their drive for perfection, dragon crafters will frequently destroy a work once they complete it, or to their shame hoard it somewhere. The Tidyguard will sometimes show up to note a dragon's "collection" has grown too untidy.

Dragon games include weyrball, mock fights, sky-jousting, agility training, but every game or sport two-leg invention is also studied down to the smallest detail by some dragon, somewhere.

Dragons are among the most intensely capable shepherds in Cora-Ni. They elevate animal husbandry to an artform, carefully breeding livestock for positive traits and learning everything they can about how to make the animal's lives better so they grow to fullness in health and vivacity. Sometimes a Dragon will walkabout in secret to the shepherds of the world to learn new techniques from existing shepherds. The Dragon Shepherds literally keep Graal's Deep alive with their art and science by making sure that each dragon meal is very nutritious and filling, and no livestock lives are wasted. The Dragons could, by dint of the livestock they have in static storage, repopulate the world's herbivorce population should anything ever happen to them.

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