Harthorn is the Easternmost County of the Borderwoods fiefs. It actually extends quite a piece southward along the Halas River.

It includes the following Baronies:

Chandonhill, the furtherest West Barony in County Harthorn, containing the artisan town Chandondale.
Hart's Crossing, a crossroads Barony with an Army Fort, containing the village called Poesy Creek
Silvernight, an Honor Barony given to a hero of the Silver War
Moonwoods, a farming community nestled against the Crown Hunting Preserve.
Bloom Arbor, a beekeeping and apple community

Crown Grove, a hunting lodge fief for the Crown
Horncall, a base of operations for hunters hunting the nearby Roanford Woods
Scalehome, a fief along the Halas River with the village called Dreams of Fish, a river port village.

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