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======Cora-Ni Facts======

Welcome to the main Cora-Ni Facts Page. This is for facts about Cora-Ni in general, not specific to any one game.


The City of Blacpool is a major trade center, a huge melting pot, the "New York City" of Cora-Ni. As a result, all of the world's nations and cultures are represented in various parts of the city.

[[SpindriftIslander|Spindrift Islander]]
[[AluuniTribes|Aluuni Tribes]]
[[Stanfordian|Stanford Holds]]

[[Blacpoolian]] (Other, not specified)
[[TheChurchOfLothas|The Church of Lothas]]
[[TheCultofAlor|The Cult of Alor]]
[[TheWayOfTheProphet|The Way of the Prophet]]
[[TheTempleofOrielle|The Temple of Orielle]]
[[Lucksworn|Follower Of The Luck]]
[[Petrarian|Petrarian]] (Atheist / Agnostic)
[[Animism]] Animism - Spirit or Ancestor Worship / Reverence

Arcane technology section
[[PrivyRings|Privy Rings]]
[[SteppingStones|Stepping Stones]]
[[LetterBoxes|Letter Boxes]]
[[DrakonPistols|Drakon Pistols]]
[[GraalsDeep|Graal's Deep]] is where they live
[[Graal]] is their God King
[[Graalian]] Society is complex

[[KnownLands|The Known Lands]]


Many Factors are [[Erendani]]. [[ErendaniFactors|Here]] is a list of them.


Read about the [[MercenarysGuild|Mercenaries' Guild]]
Read about [[Blacpool]] here
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