Intelligence Dossier
Blackwood, Carolyn (234876784-AA43)
Compiled as per request by R.N (114-A) . by J.S.

Biological profile
Parents: Josiah Mycroft Blackwood, Elaine Elizabeth Blackwood
Genetype: highly modified for athletic prowess, certain cognitive processes, improved immune system, facial symmetry
Clone Screening: passed
Hair: Ash blond
Eyes: Dark brown
Augments: None

Blackwood family history:

data redacted--

(You don’t need to read this, old boy. You know these ancient families. Their roots are always with some possibly fictional ancestral bandit who made off with a letter of marque and pillaged enough to raise an estate. It’s all very cliched and serves mostly to entertain guests at a cocktail party. - J.S.)

Loyalty estimate:
As you well know, Baron Josiah Blackwood (J.B.) was executed during the purge of the Antiroyalty Conspiracy. As her daughter Carolyn Blackwood (C.B) had enrolled in the Academy earlier, I can understand why you’d need to know if she can be trusted or not.

We had the old baron under surveillance for 6 years prior to his death and there’s no uncertainty about his actions. Unfortunately he refused to point fingers at his fellows even under duress. The fact that the daughter has no black marks on her record doesn’t really prove anything either, as Baron himself kept a clean public profile. Also, having the Gold Berets kick down your manor door and herd everyone out at gunpoint might lead to some seditious thinking by itself.

It is notable, though, that there was a rift inside the family. The mother, Elaine Blackwood (originally from the Greville family, see file 234466Y-2) died in a sailing accident when C.B.was 16, and father-daughter relations seemingly cooled off afterwards. Even before that J.B. had complained several times about C.B.’s plans to enter the Naval Academy. The motivation for her seems to have come from baron’s brother, Garrett Blackwood (G.B), a captain in the Royal Navy. J.B. did not approve the levels of military spending and certain foreign policies. We secured no evidence of G.B.’s complicity but he was deemed a security risk and is on indefinite shore leave. (Hell will freeze over twice before that man takes the conn again - J.S.)

Psychological profile (W.I.P.)
C.B. had to go through mandatory psych eval at the Academy and had several added sessions after the Anti-Royalist Purge. She seems loner not by nature but by circumstance. Has trust issues. Possible weakness in people skills. Strives for perfectionism, tends to overcompensate in certain situations. Loudly patriotic in some discussions with her peers, seemingly has opposite foreign political views than her father. Seems to have genuine appreciation for naval traditions (influence of G.B?). Abstains from the use of alcohol and recreational drugs. (Now that’s suspicious - J.S.)

Note: consult ship’s doctor on RMS Dauntless. Possible to run a new psych eval as 'routine' inspection?

I got the info you asked, but you’ll get to make your own impressions. I’d keep a close eye on C.B. If she’s genuine she might be an asset to the navy as she seems to have the knack of 3-dimensional warfare and a mean streak. If not, we have her where we can keep an eye on her. Other possible troublemakers might even try to make contact in any case. You owe me that bottle of Glen for this. Don’t think I’ll forget. Cigars at the club next tuesday? -J.S.
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