Blacktooth Orc Uprising

Kelvin Farrago used to hold summers-long hunting expeditions where he and his friends spent weeks finding and killing every gnaeltongue they could find. The Blacktooth Orcs assembled a coalition and went to negotiate with them for peace. The Farragoes pretended to invite the elders of the Blacktooth in for a peaceful feast, and when they were in and had begun drinking ferociously, the Farragoes' wizard, Galvanbar, exploded fireball after fireball inside the feast hall, killing them all.

The Blacktooth then declared vendetta against them and this began a multi-year campaign of orc raiding parties using scorched earth techniques to live off the land and travel as deeply into Lunargen territory as they could, putting all they could not carry away to the torch and leaving behind blackened ravens as a sign of their hatred of the Count Ashraven.

This uprising also saw the utter destruction of Poesy Creek, the home of Kylanna.
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