Auberge, Baron Nightward, the son of Caeron Nightward, received special dispensation from the Church of Lothas and the Lunargenti Crown to take up the coronet of Baron when his father died in battle against raiders in County Lakewood.

A full priest of Lothas, Auberge is a member of the Order of the Light of Knowledge of Lothas, and he wields a holy sword of Lothas. He approaches the 13th gate of the Lothasian path.

Auberge has a Mentor in the Church named Holy Sword Father Leonin, Baron Rhainehold. He is a member of the Fiat Lux faction in the Order of Knowledge.

Auberge was gifted a Portable Library by an old traveling companion of his. Equipped with cooking hearth and hot and cold running water plus sanitary facilities, it was nearly always on his person. He gifted it to Kylanna

The Nightward family is related to the Silverleaf Family as well.
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